Hanspeter Münch – LIGHT.SPACE.COLOUR
Würth Collection and works on loan
2. June until 18. October 2020

The Forum Würth Chur is honouring the artist Hanspeter Münch (*1940; lives and works in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe) on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

Hanspeter Münch’s painterly oeuvre signifies an experience of colour that is hard to surpass. Although abstract, his paintings nevertheless evoke multifaceted, above all, natural associations, and are as ecstatic as they are constructed. The depth of expression that so fascinates viewers in front of these works is the result of countless layers of pigment.
In 1994 the entrepreneur and collector Reinhold Würth purchased the first painting by Hanspeter Münch, who today is represented in the Würth Collection by a number of works. On the basis of these, the selection of paintings made for the exhibition – some of them quite recent – highlights this exceptional artist’s consistent preoccupation with the medium of painting.
As a foretaste of the exhibition, we have put together a small section of the exhibition catalog for you. You can find it here. Have fun!


As a small foretaste of the exhibition, we have put together a small excerpt from the exhibition catalogue for you. You can find it here. Have fun!

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